• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

Biofilm Audit

Contamination audit

Realco: total expertise and a comprehensive service

Biofilms are nests of bacteria that can grow on many surfaces in the food industry: exchangers, tanks, cooling systems, food pipes, membrane filters, etc. This can cause serious contamination of the finished products, leading to adverse consequences such as the closure of production lines, with the resulting major financial losses.

To help you achieve optimum hygiene, the experts at Realco are offering:

A complete and precise audit of OPC and CIP installations: to reveal, locate, and quantify the contamination:

  1. Measurement of ATP concentrations
  2. Measurement of  turbidity (SLYM BART)
  3. Interpretation of bacteriological results

A curative treatment with BIOREM enzymatic cleaning: Customised approach for open surfaces and cleaning in place.

Thanks to the BIOREM range, our experts will help you eliminate contaminations related to the presence of a biofilm. An appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocol will be established to ensure the total eradication of the biofilm from your facilities.

Implementing a preventive treatment and determining its frequency: evaluated according to the biofilm’s propensity to reform and re-contaminate the installation.

The aim is to keep the installation safe for daily use. This will:

  • Maintain productivity
  • Protect product quality
  • Extend the use-by date of the products

Realco ensures optimum hygiene in your facilities and guarantees the safety of your customers.